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I’m John. We're a team of professional tour guides. I'm a passionate explorer and help others explore the beauty of the city and neighborhood. We offer unique and amazing experiences.

We have a team of expert co hosts. We arrange shared and private tours to explore places and try exciting activities. Together our goal is to design the best of the activities & experiences to make sure that u enjoy you holidays to the fullest.

Let’s Explore! :)

Vienna, Austria

Albertina Museum Entrance Tickets

0 reviews

Paris, France

Discover Disneyland Paris

14 Reviews

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sightseeing on Canal Boat Amsterdam With Pizza

11 Reviews

Istanbul, Turkey

Princes Island Tour From Istanbul

10 Reviews
- 10%
Let's Explore! Let's Explore!

San Gimignano, Italy

Enjoy The Morning Hot Air balloon Over San Gimignano

10 Reviews

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Private Canal Boat in Amsterdam

9 Reviews


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Don't miss it

It was not on a fishing boat but on a yacht which is rare a thing , don't miss it !!!!!!
Let's Explore!




This ride was serene, boat was beautiful and best captain ever
Let's Explore!



She said yes!

I booked with them to surprise my friend. It was a dual day for us loll, it was her birthday and and I proposed her, everything went well. The captain was very friendly and helpful.